You're probably already well aware that Book Week is my favourite time of year! I love it so much that a couple of years ago I worked with Kristy of Arch & Aya on our very own I ♥ Picture Books fabric. I only have a few headbands left in this amazing fabric, and you can find those in my 2020 "Book Week" 6 packs.

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This year's theme is Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds.
It is such a broad theme, which I think is great. I look forward to seeing knights, aliens, superheroes, fairies and more! I still have a couple of books that I desperately want to transform into one day- The Balloon Tree's princess and a wattle baby from The Gumnut Babies. The Balloon Tree, although not a very popular book, has always been my favourite since I was little.


Make sure you follow my Instagram hashtag #bookweekmadeeasy for super simple outfits to match the books you're reading in the classroom. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a full-blown DIY costume for the final Book Week parade, but for the rest of the week- and every other day of the year, adding accessories to an otherwise simple outfit, can bring some extra excitement to your room and match the book you're reading for the day.

Below are a few ideas for getting into the spirit of Book Week.

Let's start with a class favourite- Harry Potter. If you show up to school and don't see 15 Hermione Grangers, is it even Book Week? Besides the classic school robes, there are a bunch of different ways to add a bit of HP magic to your outfit.

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Another popular choice for many Early Years Teachers is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We've made a lot of skirts from the beautiful Eric Carle fabric (BYO fabric order).

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Get sparkly for Book Week as The Rainbow Fish. A skirt and a scaly headband can bring the whole look together.



 Roald Dahl: I once had a customer who was going as an actual Wonka bar and needed a brown headband to go with their chocolate-coloured tshirt. I like the ideas of a golden ticket, a stripy snozzcumber, Matilda or Miss Honey.



In 2017 when Marge in Charge was released, I just knew that was who I'd be dressing as! She is such a great character, and an easy one to go as. I even have a headband named after her, in case you don't feel like wearing an itchy, rainbow wig all day.

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Superheroes: Like a lot of the students I've taught, I'm a huge Marvel fan. I've even had a Marvel themed Year 2 classroom. Instead of a character costume, why not go for a comic book print.

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Want to dress as a character with attitude? Ok. What about The Grouchy Ladybug, The Crayons or my favourite- the moody Pigeon. When I dressed as the Pigeon in 2019, my teaching buddy wore a hotdog suit to match the book The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog. I was so lucky to have found my whole minty-green outfit at DFO, including the cap.

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Seatbelts, everyone! Here's Miss Frizzle! Any Science-themed print will get you to the levels of the Frizz. I wore an uncomfortable crown of wire with hanging planets the year I went has her. In future, I'd be going with something a bit easier- a skirt and headband combo. It's such a shame the Magic School Bus books are no longer in print!

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Matt Cosgrove’s Macca books and Arron Blabey’s hilarious Pig the Pug series are a great option for injecting colour into your outfit. 



Real-life legends and historical figures are great ideas for Book Week, especially with the series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara- I'm on a mission to collect them all.



And when all else fails, and you’re running out of time, pick a book + pick a matching headband! I'm working on a TikTok video right now abut this.


I'd love to hear which costumes/outfits you've done for Book Week or are planning. I'm happy to take custom orders, so if you have a particular fabric in mind, please contact me via the website, email or DM on Instagram.

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